U of M men’s gymnastics team told to find new training facility 

5 days ago 16

The University of Minnesota men’s gymnastics team is once again facing obstacles. The school cut the program in 2021 due to financial challenges during COVID-19, but the team didn’t go away. They now compete nationally as a University club. 

Now the team is faced with another hurdle after they were informed they would need leave their training facility of nearly 90 years at Cooke Hall. 

“It’s a punch in the gut. But at the end of the day, we’re here to stay no matter where we go,” said Justin Lancisi, one of the gymnasts. 

Lancisi says they could be forced to commute off-campus, cutting valuable time out of academic schedules. 

“It’s ideal to be able to walk from class to practice and walk to lunch and walk to my house,” said Lancisi. “I think if I have to sacrifice a couple extra minutes out of my day, it’s worth it to continue to ...

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