Twins players are eager to begin MLB’s new balanced schedule

eBates Rakuten

1 week ago 28

Much has been made about the new rules changes and the affect they’ll have on the game moving forward. But it’s not just the rules that are changing this year. Beginning this spring, Major League Baseball has introduced a balanced schedule in all 30 teams will play one another.

“I think it should have always been that way,” shortstop Carlos Correa said. “Some divisions are tougher than other ones, and if you have everyone playing everyone, then it evens out a little more. So, yeah, I like it.”

For the Twins, that means more games against National League opponents and fewer against American League Central rivals Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City and the Chicago White Sox. Instead of playing 19 division games against each opponents, the Twins will play those four teams 13 times each.

Only AL Central finished last season above .500, the Guardians, which means the Twins’ scheduled might be getting more difficult.

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