South metro organization encouraging residents to rethink traditional lawns

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As the growing season begins, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and other community groups are encouraging residents to rethink their traditional lawns in favor of lawns that support native plants and pollinators.

In a webinar Wednesday, Master Naturalist Dan Schultz broke down the four biomes across Minnesota, making the state a perfect place to let plants and animals thrive.

“What this is all about is rewilding,” he said. “So creating wildlife habitat and in our backyards and urban spaces.”

Beyond the DNR, Richfield and Bloomington residents are joining together in a community-based organization called “Altlawns.” Their mission is to create biodiverse native habitats in place of grass lawns.

Ava J.T. McKnight founded the organization after noticing neighbors in Richfield searching for help in creating biodiverse lawns. Since then, the organization has grown to hundred...

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