Somali community leader reacts, offers possible fixes to repeated, reckless fireworks activity in Dinkytown

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Hassanen Mohamed has had boots on the ground in Dinkytown summer after summer, sparking up late night conversations with teenagers and young adults following what he and police have said are social media calls to crowd the couple block radius, armed with stockpiles of fireworks and roman candles.

As the Executive Director of the Minnesota Somali Community Center, Mohamed sat down to offer insight into the dangerous behavior pattern after yet another Fourth of July holiday erupted in rowdy crowds of young people, some aiming fireworks at property, people and police.

“It’s not a surprise. It’s a trend,” Mohamed reacted to the news of the activity and 30 subsequent arrests.

“It’s something that they get, you know, clicks from. They become famous on social media,” he continued, adding, “For them, it’s all a joke. So, we’re trying to change that mindset, that these thi...

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