Sainted & Tainted: You Minnesotans drive as if there is no speed limit in Wisconsin

eBates Rakuten

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This is a shout out to all people from Minnesota who travel to Wisconsin via Highway 63 heading to Spooner, Hayward or Cable. I travel this road almost every weekend going to Cable.

You people drive as if there is no speed limit in Wisconsin.

You pass on yellow, and double-yellow, lines.

You are very dangerous drivers.

Please stay in your own state if you can’t obey our traffic laws. I would much rather you kill people in your own state than in mine.

Many complaints about the careless driving have been reported to St. Croix, Polk, Sawyer and Bayfield county sheriffs’ offices, as well as the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The next time I go by a vehicle that has been pulled over from Minnesota I hope it is you.

Stay home or drive sensibly.

Joel Pederson, New Richmond


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