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No shots for Spot? Study finds owners’ vaccine hesitancy can extend to pet dogs

2 weeks ago 31

Jeremy Childs | Los Angeles Times (TNS)

LOS ANGELES — Individuals who are skeptical of vaccines for themselves are also more like to question the need or efficacy of getting shots for their four-legged companions, according to a recent study.

In the study, published in the medical journal Vaccine, researchers asked 2,200 Americans their thoughts on vaccines and whether they were dog owners. If they were, respondents were then asked whether they would vaccinate their dogs for rabies.

Approximately half of the pet owners surveyed expressed some degree of vaccine hesitancy — with 53% saying they believed vaccines administered to dogs were unsafe, ineffective or unnecessary, the study found.

That group was 6% more likely to have dogs that were not vaccinated for rabies, and 27% more likely ...

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