Mike Lupica: We need to slow the Super Bowl talk if desperate Jets land desperate Aaron Rodgers

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1 week ago 25

By now, we know all of the reasons why the Jets have to take this big swing with Aaron Rodgers. They’re hoping that he can do for them what Tom Brady did for the Bucs. And what Matthew Stafford did for the Rams. They know he has a lot more left than Peyton Manning did when the Broncos won their first Super Bowl since John Elway, even if Peyton didn’t have a whole lot to do with that by the end.

At this point, even people in outer space know why the Jets are doing this, why they have to do it, as they attempt to become something more than a football irrelevancy, not just in the league, but just around here.

But the adolescent idea that this is suddenly Super Bowl or bust for this particular Jets team just happens to be bananas, whether Rodgers is here for a year or two or even more than that.

Start here, because it’s as good a place to start as any:

Since Rodgers played in his one and only Super Bowl 12 years ago, he has gone 0...

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