How often does an 0-2 team make it to the NFL playoffs?

3 days ago 12

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — As week two of the NFL season wraps up, the Minnesota Vikings are already at a make-or-break point. 

Their record stands at 0-2. And although there are 15 games left, it already feels like a tall hill to climb.           

You have your ups and your downs, and moments that will make your head spin. Vikings fans know the feeling all too well. That's just Minnesota, they'll say.

"They're heartbreakers," said one fan outside the Vikings Team Store at Mall of America.

"They make so many darn mistakes," added frustrated fan Jerry.

Despite it all, fans appear optimistic at the team's playoff chances.

"It's not impossible. It's too early in the season," said fan Gesen.


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