How Javier Assad’s offseason velocity program and WBC performance has him in contention for Chicago Cubs roster spot

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Adbert Alzolay’s emoji game got a workout this past week.

Alzolay tuned in for both of Chicago Cubs teammate Javier Assad’s stellar relief appearances for Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. And as Assad racked up the scoreless innings on the international stage, Alzolay made sure to give his performances a shout out on Twitter, punctuated with the appropriate emoji.

“I mean, he’s just electric,” Alzolay told the Tribune. “Seeing him growing up in the minors and now seeing him on the biggest stage right now doing what he’s doing against the hitters and the teams he’s been doing it against tells you that this guy is already ready for the playoffs.”

Like Alzolay, most of Justin Steele’s career has overlapped with Assad’s at the minor- and major-league levels.

“That’s Assad, baby,” Steele said. “That’s just how he is. He’s really good.&rdqu...

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