Here’s what still could pass (but might not) in the final 5 days of the 2024 Minnesota legislative session

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The DFL could still have a governing trifecta when the 2025 session of the Legislature convenes next January. But it might not. 

Those different possible outcomes have shaped two different approaches to the 2024 session. Some DFL lawmakers have been determined to pass as much progressive legislation as possible in case the DFL loses control of the House this November. Others have tried to cap the same types of legislation to deny Republicans fodder for campaign mailers.

The limiters have prevailed. And even a modest DFL agenda was restricted further by the April 22 arrest of Sen. Nicole Mitchell in the Detroit Lakes basement of her estranged stepmother. The push by Senate Republicans to keep Mitchell from being the 34th and deciding vote haven’t been successful, but they have slowed the legislative process. And they created bad blood between the parties that have darkened the atmosphere for agreement.

Still, there remains hope that...

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