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‘Grateful’: Hudson bicyclist continues recovery after hit and run, with help from local community

2 months ago 43

Barbara Espy opens her eyes in the morning and blinks. She exhales. For more than 70 days, the Hudson, Wis., resident couldn’t get out of bed without help. She couldn’t turn onto her side without excruciating pain.

When Espy needs to, she will begin her morning routine. But first, she takes a second to appreciate the moment.

A blink. A breath. She’s here.

Espy was not supposed to survive the hit-and-run crash July 2, when a motorist dragged her several feet through the parking lot near the boat launch in downtown Hudson. The crash kept her at Regions Hospital for 40 days, and at Prescott Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for another 30 days. Her list of severe injuries compounds upon itself: Traumatic brain injury. Broken pelvis. Several fractured vertebrae. Lacerated liver. Fractured hip. She lost pints of blood. Her ankle was, according to reports from the scene, left hanging by the skin.

She was not supposed to still have he...

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