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Forty-eight minutes of Mike Conley? Perhaps Monte Morris can help the Timberwolves achieve a similar dynamic

1 week ago 59

Minnesota walked a tightrope seemingly every time Mike Conley missed a game over the last month.

Two of the Wolves’ worst losses of the season — at home against Charlotte and on the road against San Antonio — came when Conley was out with a sore hamstring.

Jordan McLaughlin was the team’s lone other true point guard, and Timberwolves coach Chris Finch only really seemed to like playing McLaughlin in certain matchups. Without a floor general on the court, Minnesota’s decision-making and execution waned to new lows, creating a volatile range of basketball that spanned from elite to abhorrent.

That’s not ideal for a championship hopeful. Consistency can’t depend on the presence of one player — particularly a 36-year-old point guard.

Conley’s massive importance to the Wolves is both a credit to the floor general and an indictment on Minnesota. Which is why the front office felt compelled to bolst...

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