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Elizabeth Shackelford: Ukrainians won’t submit to Russian rule. The horrors of the Holodomor help explain why

2 months ago 115

The last Saturday in November this year marked Holodomor Memorial Day, the 90th anniversary of the Great Famine when Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s autocratic regime ruthlessly starved 4 million Ukrainians to death.

This horrific event is part of the historic backdrop shaping Ukraine’s response to Russia’s war. This experience is why, even as a stalemate sets in and winter approaches, the Ukrainian people oppose the idea of negotiating an end to this conflict.

Ukraine has good reason not to trust that its people would be safe under Russian rule. Russia has a long history with Ukraine, but that history is a far cry from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people.”

Rather, Russia’s history with Ukraine is one of abuse, exploitation and horror.

This was true of the Russian empire and the Soviet Union, and it remains so under Putin’s autocratic Russia today. Bu...

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