David French: The most interesting element of the Hunter Biden indictment

3 days ago 15

In one sense, the Hunter Biden indictment just isn’t that remarkable, or interesting. Aside from the fact that it’s brought against the president’s son, it’s just plain vanilla gun charges, and the prosecution seems to have him dead to rights. He lied on Form 4473 — the federal form he was required to fill out when he purchased the weapon in question — by certifying that he was not illegally using drugs. He has since publicly stated that he was regularly using drugs, including crack cocaine, when he bought the gun. Thus, there’s overwhelming evidence he committed two related crimes, lying on the form and possessing the weapon itself. Federal law prohibits unlawful users of controlled substances from possessing firearms.

But these are not ordinary times, and in another sense, the Hunter Biden case is very interesting indeed.

Ironically enough, it could ultimately end up undermining a key element of federal gun regulati...

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