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Chicago Bulls, seeking solutions to a pattern of slow starts, want to ‘come out of the ring like Mike Tyson’

2 weeks ago 60

Six minutes into Saturday’s game against the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls fans had seen enough.

Boos echoed through the United Center as the Heat took a 20-1 lead, growing louder when DeMar DeRozan was called for an offensive foul on the ensuing play. Vocal disappointment at the arena is typically muted — even in the final minutes of a demoralizing opening-day blowout, there wasn’t much to hear in the way of fan dissension.

But as the Bulls slipped into a deficit of at least 19 points for the third consecutive home game, fans reached a breaking point, shouting for players to be traded and coaches to be fired. And although that same crowd would cheer raucously three quarters later when Read Entire Article