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Champ skier Jessie Diggins gets candid on off-season struggles: "Getting everything ... comes with unexpected pressures"

2 weeks ago 64

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota Olympic gold medalist is getting ready to compete in the World Cup Race in Finland this week.

Jessie Diggins ended last season as a world champion in the 10K, the first American to win an individual gold at that event. But now, an unexpected off-season relapse is her latest hurdle.

Online, Diggins radiates positivity. Her accounts are jam-packed with silly dancing videos, her signature glitter gametime getup, and her thousand-watt smile.

But even an Olympic gold medalist can relapse, and it happened to Diggins this summer when her eating disorder flared up after being in recovery for 12 years. She said that it wasn't a matter of food or body image, but about stretching herself too thin.

"I'm ...

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