Bob Raissman: Aaron Rodgers is obsessed with managing the message … ‘I’ll speak for myself’

eBates Rakuten

1 week ago 24

As an organization, the Jets have their share of media circuses going back to the summer of 1969 and Joe (Willie) Namath’s tearful press conference “retirement” over the Bachelors III controversy.

There was also craziness over the coming of Bret Favre, Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan and others. Now, if a deal can be reached between the Jets and the Packers, Aaron Rodgers will not only become Gang Green’s next quarterback but its microphone potentate too.

Rodgers doesn’t need any of the Jets PR consultants or in-house spin doctors. In his own mind, he is the de facto boss of his own media shop. After 18 years with Green Bay, Rodgers has become a master of controlling his own content. It could be about football, darkness retreats, immunization or the effect of ayahuasca. There is enough evidence to say he is obsessed with managing the message.

Rodgers figured out how to put a variety of media platforms to work for him. The way he orche...

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