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5 takeaways from the Chicago Bulls’ win over the Miami Heat, including a 4th-quarter comeback and another slow start

2 weeks ago 43

The Chicago Bulls ended a three-game losing streak Saturday night with a 102-97 comeback win over the Miami Heat.

After going down by 21 points in the first quarter, the Bulls took their first lead with 51 seconds left. The comeback was a galvanizing result for the Bulls after they failed to pull off similar come-from-behind finishes in two games against the Orlando Magic earlier in the week.

Here are five takeaways from the game.

1. The Bulls had their slowest start of the season.

They entered Saturday’s game eager to break out of a trend of slow starts in their last three losses. Instead they got off to their worst start of the season.

Boos echoed around the United Center when the Heat took a 20-1 lead, then grew louder when DeMar DeRozan was called for an offensive foul in transition on the ensuing play. Zach LaVine made the Bulls’ first field goal seven minutes into the game. By that point, the Heat were up 22-1.


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