5 ON YOUR SIDE: Summer Hair Care

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Summer’s here – the season of beach days, poolside lounging, and outdoor adventures. While we relish these warm days, our kids’ hair often pays the price for our sun-soaked activities. Consumer Reports has some tips for keeping all types of hair happy in the sun.

Hydration is key when it comes to keeping your child’s hair healthy this summer. Just as the sun can damage your child’s skin, it can damage their hair, too. Add to that chlorine from swimming pools, saltwater, and sweat – your child’s hair can end up dry and brittle.

Having the right tools can also help you out. Consumer Reports recently tested detangling brushes that can tame those tangles without the tears.

The top pick for detangling curly tresses was the Bestool Detangle Brush for the ease with which it detangled hair and its comfortable, sturdy grip.

The Olivia Garden Fingerbrush

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