5 ON YOUR SIDE: Easy-to-read broadband pricing

5 days ago 17

Wouldn’t it be nice if shopping for internet service was easy to read and simplified like an itemized invoice? Even a nutrition label? Starting this month for many customers, that’s a reality. Consumer Reports explains the goal is to give you accurate information for comparing plans.

The new labels show the provider’s name, the plan’s name and the base monthly price for internet service, along with any additional one-time or recurring fees — like installation charges, modem rental fees and other equipment-related fees, which must be separated from the base price.

The new labels are mandated by the Federal Communications Commission after nearly a decade of lobbying by Consumer Reports and other advocacy groups.

Cable bills are one area where there are the most consumer complaints. Sign up for one plan and then you’re getting a broadband modem fee, you’re getting a regional sports pa...

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